For the past 7 years, NYC has been home to the BEST Big Brother Premiere Party in the USA. This year we are super excited to celebrate a Big Brother milestone... the Big Brother 20 Premiere. We are working very hard to make sure this years Party will be even more EPIC than last years!

Last year for BB19 we had over 350 Superfans and over two dozen former Big Brother Alumni attend our event at one of NYC's most spectacular venues -  SLATE NYC. Also in attendance were social and traditional media outlets along with reality TV bloggers and Alumni from Survivor & The Amazing Race.

This year we are returning to SLATE NYC and are planning to hit the maximum capacity of 500 people! From 5:00pm until 11:00pm many Big Brother Alumni, high profiled social media influencers, media outlet personalities and SUPERFANS will party, socialize, network, and show their love and fandom for Big Brother.

BIG NEWS!!! This year we are allowed to invite age 12 and up as long as they are accompanied by a PARENT! I know many of you will be very happy to hear that!

Tickets to our BB20 Premiere Party are on sale NOW!

See you all very very soon!

The Venue

BB19 - Josh Martinez
BB19 - Kevin Schlehuber
BB19 - Ramses Soto
BB19 - Dominique Cooper
BB19 - Cameron Heard
BB18 - Glenn Garcia
BB18 - Natalie Negrotti
BB18 - Michelle Meyer
BBOTT - Morgan Willett
BBOTT - Alex Willett
BBOTT - Monte Massongill
BBOTT - Danielle Lickey
BB15 - GinaMarie Zimmerman
BB14 - Jenn Arroyo
BB13 - Shelly Moore
BB10 - Michelle Costa
BB16 - Donny Thompson
BB9 - Crazy James
BB9 - Alex Coladonato
BB2 - Monica Bailey
BB13 - Adam Poch
BB13 - Keith Henderson
BB13 - Lawon Exum
BB13 - Porsche Briggs

BB19 Wetpaint Video